Best Stretch Mark Cream After Pregnancy

Many women who forget to take any precautions during pregnancy, or are too worried about the foetus’ health end up searching for the best stretch mark cream after pregnancy.

This is not the most advisable thing to do, but then nothing is as important as the baby’s health and well-being.

Despite the delay, those who search for the best stretch mark cream after pregnancy need not worry at all. There are as of now, some great products in the market.

Here’s a list of the very best treatments available for you to get your clear, smooth and healthy skin back without any troubles:

RankingProductRefund GuaranteeSupportOverall Rating (From 100)PriceOfficial Website
1Trilastin60 DaysExcellent100$79Visit Now
2Skinception90 DaysGreat97$69Visit Now
3Revitol90 DaysGreat94$39.95Visit Now
4Dermology90 DaysGood93$49.95Visit Now

These are perfect to get rid of scars which are both old and new. Some of course are a little better than others, but overall, it is about what suits a person’s body and skin type that eventually decides how effective a striae scar removal cream is.

Striae scars are caused because during pregnancy, the body’s deposits of collagen and elastin get depleted and as the skin expands; scars which might be light, purple, or red form.

Most of them are very difficult to get rid of. These can also be formed due to any sort of rapid weight gain or loss, thus bodybuilding stretch marks are common too.

Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Mentioned below are the best stretch mark creams after pregnancy. These have been decided based upon the customer reviews that we have been sent for them.

The best stretch mark cream after pregnancy list is highly similar to that of the one during pregnancy, but with a few differences.

Trilastin SR

Trilastin SR stretch mark cream

This product has been highly acclaimed by customers and doctors alike; the reason being the strong science and technology behind it.

After Skinception, this is known to be the second most powerful removal method for these scars. It is thus the second best stretch mark cream after pregnancy.

This treatment has latest technology like SDSS, FillerSpheres, and Virtual Patch to hold up its promise of a striae scar free skin.

Customers have not just said that it is nearly 100% efficient for removal of the scars, but also works great as a precaution treatment during pregnancy.

Olivia from Fresno, US

“I can safely say that Trilastin is one of the best stretch mark crèmes because I have used a few of them. I also tried using the usual home remedies of Bio oil, almond oil etc., and they make your skin really soft, but they don’t work on the scars.

Initially I did not realize any difference, but then when my husband told me after two months that there was a drastic difference, I begun to really see it.

I guess when you see it happening every day, you don’t seem to notice. But yes, it’s been nearly 4 months now, and I can’t find any scars anymore.

They were long deep purple furrows on my breasts and waist, and it took Trilastin cream 3-4 months to make them vanish like magic!”

Learn more about the intricate working of this patented formula at the official website.


Skinception stretch mark creamApart from having some of the best ingredients, it is the best pregnancy stretch mark cream.

It has been clinically proven to reduce their appearance up to 72.5% within a period of two months.

It deals with both the purple, and red scars; the old and new ones equally well. While new in the market, it has toppled Revitol (a favourite of many for years) in recent times.

It also leads to smoother skin, even out the skin tone, and firms the area up.

Isabella from Brisbane, Australia

“This stretch mark lotion is a definite cure for them. I don’t want to give details about my condition, but simply put it works. It will take around 2 months, and the change one can see is enormous.

I would advise one to take a picture before, and then compare after two months. It’s the best way to understand the difference.

After pregnancy, there is plenty to do and no time for one’s self, so even if you are late in starting a cure for these scars, this product will work wonders!”

The official Skinception website offers a lot of in-depth information about the working of this formula, including access to the lowest prices found anywhere.


Revitol stretch mark creamThis product has scores of loyal customers who will swear that it is the best stretch marks treatment out there.

While this lotion is great, many customers get a little carried away after using other Revitol products which are amazing and generalize the success to this one too. It is true that Revitol had ruled the market for years.

This was because they always use the best quality ingredients, and are honest in their appraisal of their products. It is supposed to work for scars on one’s breasts, thighs, waist, back, buttocks etc.

This lotion is excellent for precaution, but as the best striae scar removal cream after pregnancy, we would rate it three.

Cathy from Canterbury, UK

“I have used Revitol for nearly every skin ailment of mine, from acne to hair removal and cellulite. It’s but natural that I would use it for stretch marks too.

Frankly, I can see a 40% improvement, which I think is really great. Most skin care products just don’t work, but it’s not the case with Revitol, they never disappoint.

I have told me sister in law to use it after pregnancy too; there is no other brand one needs.”

The official website has a lot more information about how Revitol works to get rid of these marks, along with some economical packages to buy Revitol cheap.

Please note that we have not included Dermology striae scar cream in this list. This is simply because while that product works great for some people, many people have been dissatisfied with the after pregnancy results.

It is one of the best precaution crèmes though, during pregnancy. Despite all this, there are customers who seem to be highly satisfied with this stretch mark removal treatment’s performance even after pregnancy.

To visit the official website of Dermology, or buy it, click here.

To buy any of these products, please visit the official online store of the respective stretch mark removal lotion. This is essential to avoid fakes, counterfeits, scams and frauds.

Lastly, the best discounts and money back guarantees are only provided on the official online stores.

We hope this review of the best stretch mark cream after pregnancy was helpful for you in deciding what you want to use. Again, use only the official online store, and do write in to us with a review of the product. It helps in building a strong and more comprehensive database.